In my work with Bay Area and national nonprofit organizations since 1974, I have noticed that very few organizations undertake a regular and comprehensive assessment of their governance practices, policies, and organizing model.

While a great deal of time and effort is focused on recruiting new board members, we believe there is much more that needs to be done in order to create, manage, evaluate and ensure a strong model and practice of governance. Three important issues affecting the quality of governance are:

the scope of the working partnership between the Board Chair and the CEO/Executive Director
their alignment on key strategic issues, and
how Board members are thoughtfully and enthusiastically engaged during and in-between meetings.

Our new and comprehensive Governance Audit & Assessment (GAA) program was shaped by the valuable data we collected from a series of Round Table discussions hosted in San Francisco and Sonoma County with seasoned Board Chairs, Board Members, CEOs/EDs, CFOs and Chief Development Directors representing a diversity of NGOs.

Our GAA methodology provides an organization with a thorough and transparent assessment of the current governance model, practices, and policies; makes important recommendations for going forward; and provides support for implementing the recommendations. Over a period of approximately four to five months, our GAA program will take your organization through seven strategically integrated steps and will engage the creative thinking and collective engagement of the full Board and the senior leadership team of the organization.

Is this the time for your organization to consider undertaking a Governance Audit & Assessment for the purpose of learning how to transition from a "good" to a "great" governance model?

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